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Date Title Type Download
07/25/18 WCMSCHF Board Meeting Agenda PDF
07/25/18 WCMSCHF Board Minutes (June 2018) PDF
07/25/18 403b Audit Updates
Auditors Report & Financial Statements PDF
Management Letter PDF
Governance Letter PDF
07/25/18 Policy Summary
New & Revised Policies Summary PDF
Policy Changes for HIPAA Privacy Policies PDF
Policy Changes for HIPAA Security PDF
Monetary Disbursement Policy PDF
Development & Maintenance of Policies and SOP's PDF
07/25/18 WCMSCHF Signature - Interim Signatory PDF
07/25/18 Alliance Update PDF
07/25/18 Alliance Agreement Executive Summary PDF
07/25/18 Alliance Agreement Reworked PDF
07/25/18 DHHS OCR Letter PDF
07/25/18 DMA Dashboards Summary PDF
07/25/18 Patient Engagement Handouts PDF
07/25/18 Patient Engagement Dashboard Review PDF
07/25/18 WCMSCHF July 25th Approved Board Meeting Minutes PDF